Movie Review: Encanto

Looking for a good family movie to watch this weekend? Disney released Encanto, a heartwarming movie about family. Encanto tells the story about a 15-year-old girl named Mirabel. Mirabel lives in a magical village in Columbia where every child in her family gets a magical gift when he or she turns five. But Mirabel doesn't receive a magical gift. Through the adventures with her family, they learn that a strong family is the true magic that keeps their lives vibrant.

Movieguide reviewed Encanto as appropriate with "discernment required for young children." According to their review, "[Encanto has a] very strong moral, pro-family worldview supported by some overt Christian references, images, themes... [Encanto] concludes that family is the real magic in our lives and promotes love and family overcoming resentment, fears, unfair limitations, and other problems."

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