The Metaverse: What Parents Need to Know

You have probably been hearing more about the "metaverse" lately, often in reference to Meta, Facebook's new re-branded name. While the idea behind the metaverse isn't new, it is seeming more and more real lately—especially when looking to the futures of our children. But what is the metaverse?

According to Protect Young Eyes, the metaverse can be described as "a digital world that allows virtual user engagement by mixing social networking, online gaming, augmented reality, virtual reality, and cryptocurrency." Many leaders in big technology hope the metaverse will be a modern space for leisure, work, shopping and socializing with family and friends.

As this budding virtual reality infringes on true reality, there are new threats that parents should be aware of. There is already a lawsuit of a woman who was allegedly (virtually) groped and sexually harassed in the metaverse. And don't forget that in a virtual reality, pornography is more real than ever, available through virtual reality (VR) goggles with very few parental controls.

The metaverse is full of new threats to your child's health and safety. While we don't fully know all of the parental controls available for parents in the metaverse, you can start by implementing a WiFi filter.

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