Can Gaming Bring Your Family Together?

Worried your teens are playing too many video games during quarantine? While there should be healthy boundaries and a balance of how much time is spent playing games throughout the day, there is a benefit to users interacting from home and sharing a communal experience. Whether or not you feel video games are a good hobby, for many teens, games are not just a single-user experience. Games offer an opportunity to hang out with friends virtually.

Not only do games offer time with friends, games also offer you an opportunity for quality time with your teen. With a significant amount of your time now spent at home, why not spend some of that time engaging in your teen's world? Whether it's Fortnite, Animal Crossing or some other game your teen enjoys, ask to join them. You may be surprised at how much fun you have connecting in a new way!

Axis has created a free interactive video (above) that you can watch as a family to spark dialogue about how to approach video games during quarantine. Watch it together, then share it with another family you know could benefit from a conversation on video games!