Netflix Updates Parental Controls


Netflix has been widely criticized for inappropriate content on the platform, coupled with inadequate parental controls. Recently, however, Netflix made a significant dent in the effectiveness of these controls.

Here's what has changed:

  • Rating Restrictions: This feature allows parents to select the material ratings that a specific user is allowed to view. This means that parents can set up individual accounts for their children, and each child can access any content that their parents deem appropriate for them. 
  • Title Restrictions: Parents can single out specific movies and shows to block.
  • User Locks: Previously, if a child wanted to get around parental controls, they could easily go into their parent's account rather than their own. This allowed access to all Netflix content, prohibited or not. Now, Netflix allows single users to be locked with a PIN or a password. This means that unless a child has a password, they are unable to access an account other than their own. 

While this is an excellent step towards safety from Netflix, parents should remain vigilant for the protection of their children. To read more about the Netflix Parental Controls and how to implement them in your home, click here.