Sex Education Programs Under Review


Many parents across the country are taking full advantage of time at home with their children during the COVID-19 outbreak. For a number of parents, this time serves as an opportunity to compare personal philosophies and convictions with those being taught within their children's local school district. This ideological assessment is particularly eye-opening as parents begin to take a closer look at the sex education programs being taught locally.

Around the country, many schools are adopting curricula from an organization called Advocates for Youth. Advocates for Youth is a large special interest group that empowers children to become activists who will fight for their "rights" to sexual reproductive health. The group advocates for access to abortion, contraceptives and the pursuit of gender rights and "honest sex education."

The group explicitly expresses that parents have no right to discuss or infringe upon their children's decisions regarding sexual health. As stated on the Advocates for Youth website, "Young people are the experts of their own lives and are most equipped to decide whom they involve." Young people are far from experts on life-altering (or life-ending via abortion) decisions.

At Abstinence Clearinghouse, we believe that parents are the primary sex educators of their children. Advocates for Youth holds a worldview that we fight daily. As you enjoy this time at home with your children, take a moment to analyze this toxic worldview and agendas that are possibly being taught within your local school district. Don't pass up this opportunity to share truth with your children.

Interested in starting a conversation about sexual integrity with your children? Our friends at VirTru have made a number of free courses available to you!