The following is an excerpt from the forward, written by Jason Evert, of the book Delivered.

While pornography--and all sin, for that matter--leads to isolation, love draws us toward union. In fact, the virtue of purity draws us to a deeper union with those in the pornographic industry than sin could ever offer. Pure love beckons us to unite ourselves to them through prayer, fasting, and other forms of intercession and activism in order to love them as they may never have been loved before. Their inherent beauty as persons is asking for response in us! 

Therefore, through the grace of God, every temptation can be transformed into an act of intercession. Every time we resist the allure of a model in an internet pop-up ad, we ought to turn our hearts immediately to heaven, besieging God with prayers for a person's conversion. By doing this, we're responding to beauty with love.

Delivered is a book filled with the true stories of men and women who turned from pornography to purity. To order Delivered, click here.