Free E-Book: How to Use "Defining Moments" to Change Dads' Lives

The National Fatherhood Initiative (NFI) is the nation's leading non-profit organization working to end father absence. Underlying many of society's most pressing challenges is a lack of father involvement in their children's lives.

According to NFI, "Increasing father engagement is, at its most basic, about helping dads to change their behavior by increasing pro-fathering awareness, knowledge, attitudes, beliefs and habits."

In a new ebook, How to Use "Defining Moments" to Change Dads' Lives, created by NFI, the organization offers insight into how to create meaningful, inspiring experiences in your work with dads. The book describes four ways to create meaningful connections by utilizing four "levers" including: elevation, insight, pride and connection.

You can use this formula to tap into your motivation to create positive change in the lives of fathers and their children. Transform your organization and community by equipping fathers to intentionally and proactively engage in their children's lives.

Download your free ebook HERE.