Provocative Ad Ran During Super Bowl

Millions of football fans watched the 53rd Super Bowl this past Sunday. For many, the game is not what draws viewers. The commercials have become the most memorable, exciting part of viewing the game. According to a recent article by Movie Guide, in the commercial lineup for this year, Devour, a Kraft food brand, aired a new provocative ad satirizing porn addiction.

The censored version aired during the third quarter of the game while earlier last week, Devour released the uncensored version in an attempt to generate buzz and draw attention to the ad campaign.

According to Movie Guide, "The uncensored video ad focuses in on an unmarried couple where the girlfriend speaks to the audience relaying that her partner has an addiction to 'frozen food porn.'"

In tandem with the ad campaign, Devour created a hotline number for people to call that "suffer from" food porn addictions. Those who called were met with men and women in sultry voices talking about things they enjoy eating and offering the caller options for where they would like their call to be directed.

New research is annually released revealing the destruction of pornography in our culture. Addiction is no laughing matter. We encourage families to refrain from purchasing Kraft products and make concerns known to the company  through the customer service phone number at (877) 535-5666.