It's Time to Opt-Out

When Ashley Bever asked to see her 11-year-old child's sex education curriculum the instructor was reluctant. Bever told WORLD Magazine of her shock as she read what was being taught in the San Diego public school that her daughter attended.

Several times the curriculum, Rights, Respect, Responsibility, instructs middle school students that they can self-refer to a clinic "like Planned Parenthood" without informing their parents or teachers. The curriculum also instructs students on how to obtain an abortion without parental consent. "You're taking this huge corporation with this huge policy agenda and giving them direct access to our children," Bever responded.

The city of San Diego is one of the more extreme examples of an organization like Advocates for Youth stepping in and pushing highly sexualized, gender neutral ideals. Bever opted her daughter out of the class this past school year and also made strides in encouraging the district to promote abstinence. Bever's story is an important reminder to parents that the beginning of the school year is an important time for parents to be paying attention to forms about opting-out of sex education classes. What an opportunity you have as a parent to teach your child that safe sex is saved sex; that seeking virtue and pursuing sexual integrity is the best choice.

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