Six Facts About Women and Masturbation

According to Shannon Ethridge, anyone, no matter how smart, popular or religious can develop a sexual addiction. In her book Every Young Woman's Battle Ethridge outlines six facts about women and masturbation:

1. Masturbation is a problem for both men and women.
2. If you are tempted to masturbate, it does not mean that you are a bad person, only that you are a human being with sexual desires and passions.
3. Masturbation can be habit-forming and addictive.
4. The momentary relief that self-gratification may provide is not worth the long-term stress it can create.
5. Masturbation does not satisfy sexual desires; it intensifies them.
6. You will not automatically stop masturbating once you get married.

Victory is possible! While it's true that habitual masturbation is difficult to control, it's not impossible to control. Do you or someone you know need help fighting masturbation? Click HERE for more information about creating a strategy to defeat lust and masturbation today!