On Netflix: The Ultimatum

In April, Netflix released a "reality" show called The Ultimatum. The premise of the show is that couples where individual is ready for marriage but the other one is hesitant, one individual can give the other an ultimatum. The show states that it will give the couples an, “accelerated experience to show them exactly what marriage is like," including a three-week “trial marriage," cohabitation with someone from another couple and then another three weeks with their original partner.

The premise of the show is absolutely absurd, but it does illustrate the truth that we have known for years: living together before making the lifelong commitment of marriage is not healthy or helpful. The show also reveals the cost and toxicity of such a shallow view of marriage as simply a long-term, cohabitating relationship.

Almost 70% of marriages in the US today are preceded by cohabitation, even though research consistently shows that couples who live together before marriage are less likely to be happy and more likely to divorce. Ultimately, as in the show, many couples are too busy seeking self-fulfillment that they don't practice self-sacrifice for the sake of their spouse or significant other.

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