Spring Cleaning Your Media

Springtime is in full swing—as is spring cleaning! While many families clean out their homes, cars and garages, you might consider giving your family's media consumption a spring cleaning and continue to protect your kids from the dangers found in the media!

Here are a few steps to best protect against dangerous technology entering into your home:

  1. Think about the media your family consumes in a day. Does it encourage or discourage? Does it bring you closer to God or distract you from Him? Does it uplift or tear down?
  2. Make a tech plan for your home. This includes setting device boundaries and defining your family's values when it comes to technology. You can learn about making your own family media plan here.
  3. Include specific rules to keep kids safe from pornography whether or not you’re home. This means listing devices children are allowed to use without parent supervision and what content they are allowed to watch.
  4. Walk the talk. While monitoring your children's time on social media and types of shows they watch, consider examining how you model media consumption for them. Raise the bar by walking the talk!