Planned Parenthood On Your Screen

Abortion is becoming normalized in our culture. It is featured on movies and TV shows, presented as a safe and normal medical procedure that is "really not a big deal at all". And while we know this is not true, it is still discouraging to see this false message broadcast on prominent media platforms.

Planned Parenthood plays a direct role in the normalization of abortion. Caren Spruch is Planned Parenthood's Director of Arts and Entertainment. According to MovieGuide, "Her primary job is to convince filmmakers to dissimulate about the reality of abortion and present murder as a casual procedure with no long-term consequences."

Spruch's main goal is to collaborate with TV shows and films on storylines about sex education, birth control and abortion. She told Refinery 29 that Planned Parenthood had consulted on TV shows like Netflix's GLOW, Jane the Virgin, Parenthood, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, and Girls. She also said that they collaborated on several films.

Parents may think that by keeping Planned Parenthood out of their schools, children are protected from the organization's views on sex education, birth control and abortion. But now Planned Parenthood is reaching your kids in their own homes on their TVs and phones.

To read the full article from MovieGuide, click here.