Newest Smart Phone Updates

A new iOS software update as hit iPhones and Apple Watches. If your child has an iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch, it is important to understand the changes that come with software updates. Many updates come with new privacy and sharing features that you can utilize to better monitor and protect your child. In a recent article, Chris McKenna from Protect Young Eyes shows step-by-step how to establish family sharing, enable screen-time features and monitor your child's device use.

If your child doesn't have a phone, you may be hesitant to get them one for so many reasons. Gabb Wireless has addressed many of those concerns in their new phone developed specifically for kids and teens. While the device looks like a smartphone, the device doesn't have any apps or internet access. It features a "basic suite" of calling, texting, calendar, alarm, calculator and camera. And while the phone has a camera, users cannot send pictures via text. It is a great option for parents who are worried about starting their kids on too much technology, too soon.