Snapchat Is Not Harmless

You've probably heard it said that Snapchat is dangerous for young children and teenagers. Maybe you think it's the easiest way to communicate with teens using fun filters, pictures and videos. But whether your kids realize it or not, by using Snapchat, they are being exposed to all sorts of harmful content.

Emily Wilson, a speaker and worship leader, recently had enough of parents not believing her about the harms of Snapchat. So she posted on Facebook, armed with evidence. Emily took 11 screenshots of articles found on Snapchat's 'Discover' feature, easily accessible to anyone looking through their friends' stories. These screenshots are shocking, ranging from "Where to Get the Morning After Pill Without Your Parents Knowing" to "We're porn stars teaching you sex ed". This is not the kind of content that you want normalized to your child.

Have a conversation with your teen about what they have seen on Snapchat and get their opinion on whether they should be using it. It might be time for you and your kids to delete Snapchat.

To read Emily's Facebook post, click here.