Pornhub Releases Sex Education Program

With many schools closed as a result of the pandemic, many children are being exempted from the radical sex education indoctrination they would otherwise be subjected to in public schools. To make sure their "education" is still available, Pornhub recently launched "Pornhub Sex Ed" on their platform. 

The information under the trailer says, "The series was launched via the Pornhub Sexual Wellness Center, an online resource aiming to provide readers with information and advice regarding sexuality, sexual health and relationships." Pornhub is offering this series for free, no doubt an attempt to lure curious young people into interacting with their monetized content on the site in the future.

This is not the first big push the pornography website has made to control young people's minds during the COVID-19 pandemic. They are advertising their so-called "clean" content, such as sex education, to pull people in and hook them on explicit content.

It is outrageous that anyone should receive information about sex and healthy relationships from a company that profits from the trafficking, abuse and exploitation of human beings. Each woman, man and child featured on Pornhub is being treated as a commodity rather than a masterpiece valued and endowed by our loving Creator.

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