The Value of Social Science Synthesis

Recently, Dr. Pat Fagan of the MARRI Research Institute, wrote a blog arguing for the synthesis of social sciences. Cultures have always expressed the centuries-accumulated wisdom of peoples and resulted in a taboo-enforced norms, shaping the thoughts and behaviors of generations. This passed-down wisdom led to the good of families and communities and resulted in functional stability and a flourishing life.

Now, with the degradation of modern society, such insights are no longer culturally transmitted. These insights need deliberate presentation to cause people to develop their moral compass. 

This is where well-developed social sciences are helpful. Some will reject the invitation to accept truths, some may look but waver and some will "align with the data" - adopt "the oughts" of the data. Thus, the social sciences, robustly pursued have an important role in man's search for happiness and understanding of himself.

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