Practicing Purity - The Fundamentals

Falling in love can happen in a blink of an eye, but do you know your boundaries? Practicing sexual purity is not only done through actions, but also through our thoughts! Here are some tips on how to practice purity in your own life:
Keep innocent expressions special. Don't let the "heavier stuff" of a relationship take the drivers seat! Holding hands or putting your arms around each other can be special if you make it so. Check out the 12 steps of bonding for more insight.
Agree on your standards. Talk to your girlfriend or boyfriend about how to keep sex before marriage from being a concern in the relationship.
Put real love first. A relationship should not be based on "If you love me, you'll ..." but rather, "Since I care about you, I will respect you, treat you with kindness and never ask you to do something you know or feel is wrong."
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