Seeking Virtue After A Negative Test

Abstinence Clearinghouse founder, Leslee Unruh, presented a workshop, Seeking Virtue After A Negative Test, on Friday in Chicago at the Heartbeat International Conference. Leslee shared knowledge gained in her 33 years of experience as the Founder of multiple pregnancy centers, a maternity home and pro-life legislation in South Dakota.

The workshop, geared towards those who work in pregnancy resource centers, explored how client service directors and client advocates can encourage clients towards sexual integrity after receiving negative pregnancy test results. Participants were given a negative test packet with sample discussion questions and a guide to counseling towards sexual integrity.

Here are four workshop takeaways:
  • Be aware of cultural trends that may relate to clients. Understanding issues youth face today is essential to establishing rapport.
  • A majority of your conversation with a client should take place before pregnancy test results are given. Clients are more open prior to knowing pregnancy test results due to the uncertainty of the situation.
  • Many pregnancy resource centers follow up with clients seeking information on abortion and contraception. Following up with negative test clients is equally as important. Mentorship in sexual integrity will reduce the likelihood of them returning for another test.
  • Depending on the client you may need to assess for pornography and/or sex addiction.