Wellness To Go

A study room vending machine at the University of California is now dispensing condoms, tampons, pregnancy tests, Advil and the morning-after pill (or Plan B). The machine, called "Wellness To Go," was installed in early April.

One student told CNN, "It is promoting like 'Oh hey, go and have unsafe sex because then you have a backup option and it's gonna be cheaper than if you just wanna go to a drug store.'"

This student was not alone in his shock. The accessibility of products promoting casual sex is gaining momentum on college campuses throughout the United States.

Health officials have acknowledged the consequences involved in providing Plan B without consulting a physician, yet these products are easily accessible to students.

Promoting casual sex on campus does a great disservice to all students. Furthermore, easy access to contraceptives and Plan B will not solve the pregnancy rate among students, but will simply serve to cover the overarching issue - filling a void with a physical act that will never satisfy the longing to truly love and be loved.