Sexuality and Identity

Christopher Yuan is a prominent Christian teacher on sexuality and the Gospel. With a unique perspective of coming to God in the midst of pursuing homosexuality, Yuan is able to testify to God's grand, redemptive story in his own life.

In his new book, Holy Sexuality and the Gospel, Yuan poses the question, "How did 'This is how I am' become 'This is who I am'?" Identity is a central theme to culture, but when we conflate "how I am" with "who I am" we move further from the truth and, therefore, from God. Yuan, by God's grace, was able to discover his true identity in Christ.

Holy Sexuality and the Gospel provides a practical and theological framework for where we find our identities, especially against the temptation to find identity in sexuality. While we recommend this book for everyone, we especially encourage those questioning homosexuality, as wells as their parents and loved ones to read this resource.