Sharing The Message Of Purity

We live in an age where truth has become twisted, devalued, and at times, unrecognizable. The truth about sexual purity continues to be manipulated and misunderstood by culture. Let’s take a moment to talk truth.

Pursuing sexual purity until marriage does not guarantee a perfect marriage, dream wedding or flawless family. In the same way, pursuing sexual integrity also does not guarantee you will get married. It is not a free pass to a fairytale life.

In the context of a marriage covenant, sex is a good gift to be exclusively shared between a husband and wife. Having accountability and an encouraging community that values the same principles will help an individual pursuing sexual integrity throughout a lifetime.

That being said, pursuing sexual integrity is much more than just being abstinent until marriage. It is seeking purity of heart, mind and soul throughout one’s life. The journey begins early in life and does not end at the altar. Choosing to not view pornography, listen to explicit music or read sexually arousing content are just a few examples of virtuous behavior. Ultimately, it's making decisions each day that honor God and are part of His plan of sexuality regardless of one's stage of life.

The message of purity is essential. Young people must know that they are responsible for their actions. They have a choice and that they can make a different decision today. They can say ‘no’ to cultures lies and choose sexual purity without shame or guilt of the past.

Speak truth in love to the young men and women of the next generation. Continue to raise the bar and counter the lies that aim to misrepresent truth. Share the benefits of sexual abstinence and encourage young people to seek purity of heart, mind and soul throughout their lives.