Tim & Demi Tebow Discuss Abstinence

Tim Tebow, star football player and outspoken believer, has rarely been silent about his convictions. He and his wife, Demi, were recently on Willie and Korie Robertson's Facebook show, At Home with the Robertsons.

On the episode, Tim and Demi spoke with Willie and Korie's daughter Bella Robertson and her fiancé about dating, engagement and marriage. The Tebows encouraged them to complete pre-marital counseling, as well as remain abstinent before marriage. Demi told Bella, "To me, it was important and I wanted to honor my future husband, whoever it was, before I even met him or knew who he was going to be." Tim added, "I think living our convictions and standing firm is important when you believe in something and stand up for it."

It is encouraging to see people of influence going against mainstream culture to inspire young people to stay true to their convictions and pursue lives of virtue and purity by practicing abstinence until marriage.

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