The Best 2021 Resolution

As the new year quickly approaches, it is time for you to think about changes you want to make for 2021. While most resolutions revolve around self improvement, we want to suggest something different. The best resolution is to make time for God. Even though the year 2020 seemed to make life stand still, many of us still find ourselves busy, prioritizing other things that demand our attention before prioritizing time with God.

Spending time with the Lord in prayer is one of the most fruitful things you can do for the new year. Axis put together several tips to help you and your teen overcome the obstacles of busyness.

  • Review your schedule. Taking time to review your schedule can help you find ways to spend quality time with God on a regular basis. 
  • Start simple. Habits aren't just hard to break-they're hard to create, too. Start simple by finding how you personally connect with God best. Then make small, simple steps to integrate those ways of connecting with God into your routine.
  • Stay away from the checklist mentality. Be wary of making time with God just another task to be done. Practice having a heart of gratitude, expressing your true emotions and seeking God in meaningful ways.
  • Memorize verses. Committing God's Word to memory ensures you are never without encouragement and connection to God.
  • Pray often. Relationships are often created through conversation and quality time. Keeping a consistent prayer life allows us to connect directly with God and strengthen that connection.
  • Set an alarm. Try setting a non-negotiable time in your schedule to connect with God. No matter what you're doing or how you're feeling, take some time to pray, read a verse, or do something for Him.

To help your children keep this resolution, ask them how you can support them in this endeavor. Maybe it's picking out a new devotional or creating a family small group for more accountability. Be sure to foster an open line of communication with your children about faith and their relationships with God so that you can help them answer any questions and deal with struggles.