Tools to Assess Curriculum In Your Local School District

Radical sex education programs are one of the greatest assaults on our nation's children. Because these programs are often presented to children without parental consent, identifying and assessing the curriculum used in your child's school district prior to its presentation is important.

Highly explicit content promotes promiscuity to children as healthy and normal. These programs focus on teaching children how to obtain sexual pleasure and ultimately fail to teach children about the emotional, psychological and physical challenges that can occur as a result of sexual activity at a young age. In an attempt to change social "norms," radical sex education takes a "rights-based" approach to sex education.

The following resources will allow you to be prepared to assess the curriculum used in your area:

  • 15 Harmful Elements
    The 15 Harmful Elements tool walks through content that has been found in radical curriculum. Each of these 15 harmful elements has the potential of causing long-term negative effects on the health and well-being of children. For that reason, having just one of these elements should be reason enough to disqualify a program from being taught to children. 
  • Harmful Elements Analysis Tool
    This tool is designed to help policymakers, school administrators, educators, and other concerned citizens assess, evaluate, and expose harmful elements within comprehensive sexuality education (CSE). The tool includes 15 elements commonly included in CSE programs that have been identified as potentially being the most destructive to children's health and long-term well-being. The analysis is done by taking examples in the form of direct quotes from CSE materials and placing them in the tool according to which of the 15 harmful elements the quote illustrates. 

You can find information about the curriculum used in your state and connect with others working to defend children through this interactive mapProtect Child Health Coalition offers many tools for parents looking to fight radical sex education at a grassroots level. Resources include a step-by-step Tsunami Strategy to empower parents as they approach school boards, opt-out forms and more.