Today's Hook-up Culture & The Undoing of Young Women

The recent "dumpster" rape of a young woman at Stanford University produced a firestorm of outrage at the light sentencing of her rapist. While the outrage is warranted, a greater danger and evil on college campuses, called promiscuity, continues to rage in the lives of young women and men. This lifestyle can begin when students are in their first year of college, away from home and feeling lonely and vulnerable, leading to unwanted encounters. Today's women and men are following a culture of partying, going to bed with strangers and waking up the next morning feeling violated and hating themselves. Yet they do not acknowledge the fact that this lifestyle is destructive and the only way to change this behavior is to abstain from sex before marriage.

In order to live a pure lifestyle while in college, here are a few suggestions: find a mentor to hold you accountable, plug into a bible-study and get involved in beneficial organizations around campus. A freshman's first year can seem overwhelming, but don't let yourself become vulnerable to situations that will leave you with a trail of hurt and depression.