Your Summer Playlist!

Do you or your kids enjoy singing out loud to the latest radio hits? Before you let your children grab their friends to belt out the lyrics, do you know the meaning behind all of theseĀ "popular" anthems?

"Can't Stop the Feeling" by Justin Timberlake - A song that wants to make listeners feel pleasurable and happy, but not in a way most of us would think. Children at a young age aren't able to realize how dangerous this idea is.
"Go!" by M83 - Talks about how to keep the spark in a long-distance relationship going. Some of the lyrics include, "Gonna find you in the night / Gonna make it or die."
Parents, lets start conversations about the harmful effects that songs can have on our children. Ask your child if they think song lyrics can have an effect on them. How about the media - does what they see effect their thoughts? They may not even realize how harmful it can be, but in reality, it can be a gateway to many dangers in their developmental years.