Waiting Until Marriage: What's the Big Deal?

"I knew I was supposed to wait until marriage to have sex, but I didn't really know why," Ally Spotts wrote in an article published by Relevant. Spotts went on to explain that many individuals in their 20s who grew up in the "True Love Waits" generation are guilty of asking the wrong questions.

Instead of asking, "Why am I supposed to be doing this?" Spotts admitted to spending most of her energy asking, "How far is too far?" or, "How much kissing is too much kissing?" "Can I sleep in the same bed with someone?" "What if our clothes are on?"

Spotts goes on to explain learned benefits of waiting until marriage and her realization of the deep trust and friendship that forms when choosing to wait. Spotts also writes on the value of boundaries and realizing the realities of lust in a relationship.