How to React When Your Child Has Viewed Pornography

For parents maneuvering their way through the thick fog of pornography, it can be easy to fall into despair and negativity. Parents can be angry and guilty by the fact that their child has viewed porn while the child too is ashamed and fearful of seeking counsel and healing from his or her parents. However, Protect Young Minds advocates a parent remaining on the same team as his child can easily lift the fog of confusion pornography creates.

Protect Young Minds offers the following six tips to create this team dynamic between you and your child:

  1. Stop blaming your child or yourself. Rather than falling into defeat in response to the problem that has happened, see how it can bring you and your child closer by entering into the healing process together.
  2. Openly acknowledge this situation is not their fault. Despite their curiosity, children do not seek the reality of what pornography is.
  3. Honestly admit you may not have taught your child all the skills necessary to avoid the pull of porn.
  4. Be understanding of your child's fears. Reassure your child that feelings of fear and hesitancy in admitting his or her problems are normal and that your goal is not to punish but to help.
  5. Reassure your child that your relationship is important to you. Problems regarding viewing pornography create trust issues and tension between a parent and child. Bringing these issues to the light will help heal parents and their children as well as strengthen their relationship.
  6. Use the words we and us. It is important for parents to remind their children that they are in this together. Such human connection ensures that children feel and know they are safe.

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