Teaching Teens How to Treat the Opposite Sex With Dignity

In an article published by Family Life's co-founders Dennis and Barbara Rainey, the couple explains how they would often tell their teenagers, "When you go out with someone, you're going out with either your future mate or someone else's future mate." The couple found that this knowledge helped their children to treat the opposite sex with dignity and honor.

According to the Rainey's article, there are a few other specifics teens need to learn about the opposite sex prior to dating:

What a girl needs to know about boys:

  1. Girls must be prepared to set the physical boundaries in the dating relationship.
  2. Boys are stimulated by sight and touch.
  3. Girls should allow a young man to take the initiative in a relationship.
What a boy needs to know about girls:
  1. Boys need to be taught how to be moral leaders and draw boundaries for behavior on dates ahead of time.
  2. Boys need to know that girls are typically stimulated by words of kindness.
  3. Some girls today desire affection they are not receiving from their fathers.
  4. A young man must treat a young lady with dignity.

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Barbara Rainey in their article, Teaching Your Teen to Treat the Opposite Sex With Dignity.