New to Netflix: Sex Education Season 3

Netflix's teen comedy Sex Education returned on Friday for its third season. The show centers around the life of Otis Milburn and his friends as they run a sex clinic in their high school to educate their peers and answer questions about sex. The show addresses masturbation, gender identity, sexual orientation and hook-up culture. Further, Sex Education normalizes activities that are extremely harmful, such as teens "exploring kink" and having abortions.

As the primary educators of their children, parents should be outraged by the "education" their children are receiving on Netflix, often without parental knowledge. Teenagers need to be hearing about the normal changes their bodies go through from their parents, not Otis Milburn on Netflix. God has uniquely empowered parents to teach their children about God's design of human development and sexual intimacy within the context of marriage. If you haven't already, it is also important to discuss the lies and deceptions of the culture with your children when it comes to sex.

Consider the following tips from the book Abstinence 101:

  1. Treat sex education as a process. Educating your children about sexual integrity is not a one-time lesson but an ongoing process.
  2. Be honest. Many young people are looking for honest answers about what to do on dates, how to interact with the opposite sex and how premarital sex can affect their future.
  3. Be a loving guide, not "just a friend." Parents need to be a mature voice of wisdom in their children's lives.

The National Abstinence Clearinghouse also recommends that parents set up parental controls on Netflix and other streaming services to help filter negative content that you don't want streaming in your home.