Pornhub is Falling

Pornhub and it's parent-company Mindgeek are falling apart. There has been a mass exodus of employees and executives quitting with some reports saying as many as 70% of employees have left the company. These drastic changes are coming after major lawsuits, government scrutiny and a decrease in advertising revenue.

National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) president Dawn Hawkins wrote in her press release, "The evidence of MindGeek’s complicity in mass sexual crime is overwhelming and continues to grow. It is time for both criminal prosecution and regulatory preventative action. However, as long as pornography sites don’t have to ensure that all who are depicted in explicit material have truly consented to participate or that all are actually adults, more criminality will happen in this pernicious industry."

Currently, there are no effective regulations for pornography sites. Due to this lack of regulation, thousands of victims are unable to remove recordings of their abuse from Pornhub and other websites, while the pornography sites make millions of dollars from their ongoing trauma. It is far past time for the United States to hold Pornhub accountable for decades of exploitation of women, men and children.

To read NCOSE's full article, click here.